Amjad alKoud

Dr. Amjad Al Koud is a highly accomplished architect and educator who has dedicated his career to the field of architecture. He holds a Ph.D. and a Masters's degree in architecture, both of which he earned from the prestigious Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, USA. In addition, he has a postgraduate degree in History and Theories of Architecture from Damascus University, where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Architecture.

With his extensive education and experience, Dr. Al Koud has worked on a wide range of architectural projects in various countries, including the US, Syria, UAE, KSA, Iran, and Iraq. He has collaborated with many international firms and has been involved in projects of varying sizes and complexities. As a licensed architect, he has a deep understanding of the technical and practical aspects of architecture.

Dr. Al Koud is also a dedicated educator who has taught at several educational institutions in the US, Syria, and UAE. He has shared his knowledge and expertise with countless students and interns, inspiring them to pursue careers in architecture and design.

As a member of the Syrian Syndicate of Architects, the UAE Society of Engineers, and an associate member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Dr. Al Koud is highly engaged in the architectural community and is recognized for his contributions to the field.